As many readers know, Celebrate Aberdeen is all about spotlighting the unsung heroes of our city – the charities, voluntary organisations, sporting groups, social enterprises and performing artists. But did you know there’s another tier of unsung heroes behind them? Who might they be? The people who make the weekend happen…

In the run-up to the big event, there’s a small team who interact with all the organisations who want to parade at Celebrate Aberdeen, sponsor Celebrate Aberdeen, perform at Celebrate Aberdeen, or provide catering at Celebrate Aberdeen. Who are the people behind the emails, the lists and the not-inconsiderable programme of events? Our volunteers.

Throughout the Celebrate Aberdeen weekend you can hardly fail to miss the proliferation of people in distinctive pink hi-viz vests. They’re the ones who arrive hours before anyone else does, who set up the groups in the right order for the parade, then escort them down Union Street – smiling as they go. They often spend all day on their feet, ushering performers onto stages or handing out programmes among the crowds. Who are they? Our volunteers.

Another group of people you might spot during Celebrate Aberdeen are the ones with the cameras and microphones. They help us to share the event with the public and let everyone know what’s going on. In keeping with our other volunteers, their work starts long before the weekend itself – issuing press releases, updating websites and sharing all the fun stuff across social media. Who are they? The Celebrate Aberdeen communications team. Otherwise known as our volunteers.

If this blog post seems a little self-indulgent, it really isn’t meant to! The ethos behind Celebrate Aberdeen makes it both fitting and natural that the entire event is volunteer-led and organised. We simply can’t imagine it any other way. What is important, however, is to publicly state how grateful we are to the highly-skilled, exceptionally busy people who give their time and talent to Celebrate Aberdeen. You guys rock.

One thought on “Celebrate Aberdeen: The People Behind The Event

  1. Hi, Street Friends Helping the Homeless Aberdeen. We are a small team of volunteers. Every Tuesday and Friday evening from 7 pm – 9.30pm , we can be found in And around the city centre providing nourishing food, hot and cold drinks, as well as ladies and gents pants, socks, toiletries and sanitary products. We realise sadly that we are too late to participate in this year’s celebration parade, but hopefully can be considered to be included in next year’s. Thank you.

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