Would your organisation like to be part of a major annual celebration of the cumulative good work that goes on in our city and its communities? Are you prepared for a shock when we tell you little (not how much!) that would cost? Sit tight: here’s a sponsorship opportunity you won’t want to miss…

The background

Since its foundation in 2011, the Celebrate Aberdeen weekend and its flagship third sector parade have gone from strength to strength. The parade involves thousands of people, representing over 100 charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations. It’s a colourful (and often noisy) spectacle and thousands more line Union Street in order to watch it.  This year, with the Celebrate Aberdeen weekend coinciding with the Great Aberdeen Run, spectator attendance is set to reach a new sky-high limit.

The concept

Much of the third sector parade’s “wow” factor is down to the large banner that each group of charity representatives carries as they make their way down the city’s main thoroughfare. Each banner bears the name of the charity, the Celebrate Aberdeen logo and – wait for it – the logo of their corporate sponsor partner.

The package

In addition to gaining significant brand exposure via a parade banner, your organisation’s team members will also have the opportunity to walk with their charity of choice on the morning of 27 August. Not only that, but you will be included in the supporters’ section of our website and within the 10,000 Celebrate Aberdeen event programmes that will be handed out over the course of the weekend. You’ll also enjoy social media shout-outs via the Celebrate Aberdeen channels. (Warning: We’re quite noisy when it comes to social media.)

The nitty gritty

£300 is all it costs to be part of something pretty special. While we can’t guarantee your first choice of charity, we will do our best to match organisations with causes that are special to them. Desperate to secure your sponsorship spot? Drop our very own Morven Mackenzie  a line. She’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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