It’s August and guess what that means?  It’s Celebrate Aberdeen month – woohoo! In one of our recent posts, we thanked the many individuals and organisations who help make the Celebrate Aberdeen weekend happen. At the top of this list was Aberdeen City Council, whose support has been pivotal from the outset.

Lord Provost George Adam took time out from his hectic schedule to talk to the Celebrate Aberdeen team about his reasons for backing the event.


You’ve been involved in Celebrate Aberdeen every year since its inception. Do you have any particularly special memories?

I have many memories from Celebrate Aberdeen. I’ve seen lots of parades along Union Street over the years but I’ll never forget seeing the street filled from one end to the other with Celebrate Aberdeen participants.  In year one I was a collector who walked alongside the parade with a bucket.  It was a happy and colourful occasion and the public were so willing to give.

During my first Celebrate Aberdeen year as Lord Provost I walked at the front of the parade. As I neared the Castlegate I turned to see Union Street packed with people as far back as Holburn Street. It was amazing – and a privilege to be part of.

Seeing the performers in different locations around the city centre last year was brilliant. It really contributed to the celebratory atmosphere. Watching the band from Regensburg, Aberdeen’s German twin city, was great fun. They seemed to pop up for impromptu performances everywhere and had a fantastic time!


What will be your own role in Celebrate Aberdeen 2016? 

I hope to take part in the third sector parade on Saturday morning.  After that, I’d like to catch as many of the performances as possible. Once the parade is over, my role is very much that of an appreciative and supportive audience member!


Are there any aspects of the weekend that you are particularly looking forward to?

The parade.  It is an amazing spectacle and I can’t wait to join all the charity representatives and their supporters who are taking part.  I’m looking forward to seeing many friends and acquaintances who will be part of the throng parading down Union Street. It promises to be a great morning for catching up with people from the city’s various charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

Celebrate Aberdeen 2016 takes place against a particularly challenging economic climate.  What is your view on this?     


This is a challenging time for Aberdeen and we recognise that.  It is, however, so important that we continue to celebrate the good things in our city. Our third sector needs to be supported and recognised – and Celebrate Aberdeen provides the ideal opportunity to do so.  The parade will be made up of staff, volunteers, service users and supporters from most of the city’s wonderful charities.  I would encourage all Aberdonians to come out to cheer them on.


Any parting thoughts?

As well as watching the parade, I hope that people will enjoy the many performances and activities that will be taking part over the weekend.  Celebrate Aberdeen 2016 will be a fantastic showcase of local talent – including singers and musicians performing all kinds of music.


These artists have stepped forward to support Celebrate Aberdeen, giving their time and talents to the cause.  It’s up to us as residents of the city to come out and support them in return. Let’s Celebrate Aberdeen!

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