Celebrate Aberdeen is all about heroes. In fact, you might say that it’s stuffed with them. After all, its raison d’être is to acknowledge the contribution of those who quietly – and voluntarily – give their skills and time for the good of our city and its people.

Now that the third sector stars of our parade have signed up, we’re seeking some additional heroes of a more specific genre…

Corporate heroes

Local businesses, this one’s for you.  Celebrate Aberdeen is currently in the midst of matching companies with parading charities. Here’s the deal: in return for sponsoring your charity of choice, you get your company logo on their parade banner and the chance to participate in the parade with them. Your name and logo will also be listed on our website and within the 10,000 event programmes that are distributed over the weekend. You’ll even get a shout-out across Celebrate Aberdeen’s social media channels (we’re nice like that). Find out more about our sponsorship packages here.

Flag bearing heroes

Do you know someone special who deserves to fly the Celebrate Aberdeen flag at the front of our third sector parade? If so, now’s the time to nominate them. This person might be a colleague or volunteer who works tirelessly for your organisation, or perhaps they are a service user. Got someone in mind? Drop us a line with some background information by 5 August. Then wait, with fingers crossed, for the Celebrate Aberdeen team to draw up their shortlist and announce the top three flag-bearing frontrunners for 2016 on social media.

Something to consider: The successful nominee will be required to walk the length of Union Street with the Celebrate Aberdeen flag. As the shopaholics among us know, it’s a fair old hike…

Larger-than-life heroes

Hot on the heels of our flag bearing hero are the (drumroll) charity mascots. We’d like as many of our oversized furry friends to take up their places on the Celebrate Aberdeen starting grid.  Drop us a line if your organisation has a mascot who’s participating on Saturday 27 August. We’ll ensure they get a spot near the front alongside their cuddly charitable counterparts.

To paraphrase the late, great David Bowie, we can all be heroes. Just for one day.



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