With Celebrate Aberdeen around three months away, you might be wondering ‘How can I get involved?’ Wonder no more.  This little blog post is stuffed with ideas. In fact, you may be spoiled for choice…

Charity champions

Step forward all those with third sector connections.  Celebrate Aberdeen needs your charity to join in and be part of our parade. This vibrant procession is at the heart of Celebrate Aberdeen and gives all our city’s unsung heroes a chance to shine.  If you work for, volunteer with, or support a worthy cause with a presence in the city, please get in touch ASAP. Social enterprises, voluntary organisations and charities are all welcome.

Enter the entertainers

Seeking the spotlight? With more stage space than ever before, Celebrate Aberdeen is keen to involve as many local performers, musicians and bands as possible.  This part of the weekend is all about showcasing the amazing breadth of talent that exists in Aberdeen. Dancers, singers, comedians, choirs – your public awaits. Don’t be backward at coming forward.

Helping hands

An event as large as Celebrate Aberdeen doesn’t happen on its own. It takes many pairs of hands to bring it to life. The more pairs of hands there are, the lighter the load becomes.  Why not consider volunteering for part of the Celebrate Aberdeen weekend? It’s a great way to meet new people, support our third sector and be part of something that’s – well – rather fantastic. Let us know if you’re interested here.

Ground support

Don’t fit into any of the above categories? Don’t worry. We still need YOU. The success of Celebrate Aberdeen relies on the people of the city (and surrounding areas) to get behind it. So come along. Bring your family. Bring your friends. Bring your relatives from far flung places. Show them that the Granite City knows how to sparkle – even in the face of the current economic climate.

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